Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Steve and The Cat

On a conference call one weekday afternoon, members of the CRE Technical Support team were assembled to passionately discuss important business matters. Most members had joined the meeting via conference call and after a long time the team took a short break. Upon returning from break Tobey Nealy the team Director tried to bring the meeting back to order. As he was attempting to do so, over the phone you could hear a person doing what sounded like talking to a little baby saying “look at you, you are so cute, ooh aren’t you just a Lil precious” followed by what I will refer to as “gaga goo goo” noises for almost a minute. Finally, the team realizes who the person is in the room with the baby and Tobey yells out, “Steve, Steve, is that you?” You could hear all kinds of crashing and shuffling noises as Steve reacts quickly to pick up the phone. Upon answering, Steve says, “could ya’ll hear that? I thought I had my phone on mute.” Finally, at that moment the awkward silence by the folks in the meeting is replaced by an outburst of people rolling on the floor laughing out loud. One of the team members ask, “Who’s baby is that you were playing with?” Steve says, it was his little baby kitten Bitsy. The laughter in the room got louder as Tobey says, “You mean to tell me you raised all that commotion over a cat?”

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